From Seed

 Here at AquaGrow Farms, we start all of our crops from seed. This minimizes the risk of introducing pests and pathogens into our farm. Today we’ll be planting Romaine Lettuce seeds!






First, we need to prepare our rockwool growing cubes. Since we don’t use any soil, the plants need a suitable medium to grow in and we’ve chosen rockwool. Rockwool is exactly what it sounds like – rock that’s been melted down and spun into a wool-like fibre.






It’s a great growing material because it’s porous and soaks up water like a sponge. We pre-soak the growing cubes in water taken directly from our aquaponics system to prepare them for seeding. The difference between wet and dry rockwool is very noticeable.






After the rockwool is sufficiently soaked, we carefully place one seed per hole in the growing material. This is done by wetting a bamboo skewer and using the moisture to pick up one seed at a time from our palm.  

Finally, we turn on a heating pad at the base of the seedling tray to help the seeds fully and quickly germinate. Now all we have to do is wait two weeks for them to sprout before we can transplant them to our growing rafts!