Last month we introduced our seedling rack with plenty of growing space to start seeds. With the additional seedling tray space on the rack, AquaGrow Farms has started microgreen trials in order to produce more fresh greens for our neighbours in need. Microgreens are an excellent addition to AquaGrow Farms as they are ready for harvest within 10-14 days and are incredibly nutrient dense, with some varieties producing up to five times more vitamins and carotenoids than their fully-grown counterparts.

The introduction of a Microgreens Rack not only will this provide more variety to what food bank clients receive, but is also fairly low maintenance and takes advantage of under-utilized growing space. Keeping in the theme of aquaponics being a soilless technology, we are currently experimenting with forms of soilless media to grow our microgreens successfully. Without soil, there is less risk of introducing pathogens into our farm, which maintains a clean, low maintenance operation.

This new station at AquaGrow Farms has the capability of producing 10 trays of microgreens per week at full production. Follow us as we experiment with a few different varieties of greens such as kohl rabi, bok choy, pea shoots, arugula, and radish!