Our new raft tank is good to grow!

As mentioned in our previous post, we had been looking for ways to increase the number of fresh greens we were harvesting on our humble farm. We’re happy to share that our new raft tank is now filled with water and fully operational!

In addition to the new raft tank, we’ve also increased the aeration in all our tanks by installing a larger air blower. Aeration is important to allow for gas exchange in the water, which promotes optimal growth for both the fish and plants. There’s actually water bubbling underneath our styrofoam raft floats to also push any sort of debris away from our plants’ roots so they can grow at their best!

With this new expansion, we’ll be able to provide our hungry neighbours in need with 54 heads of fresh greens per week! As we become more familiar with how our water reacts to this expansion, we hope to grow even quicker in the near future. The increased flexibility of the new tank may also provide us with the opportunity to try to grow different crops (such as swiss chard, beans, tomatoes, strawberries) that take slightly longer than our current favourites (lettuce and bok choy)!