Our Sundew is Flowering!

In a recent post, we introduced some of the carnivorous plants that help  cut down the number of pests in the farm. One of those plants, our Cape Sundew has grown dramatically since it joined the farm!

One of our Sundews has produced a flower stalk with several flowers connected in a chain (.aka, a scape). Some believe that the number of flowers on the scape of a Sundew is influenced by how well the plant is fed. Our Sundews have meals quite often on the farm and it shows – this flower stalk has well over 10 flower buds! (Check out the pictures below)

Sundew flowers are often self-pollinating so they do not need to receive pollen from a second flowering plant in order to produce seeds. After the flowers have been pollinated, it can be a long wait before the seeds are mature enough to be harvested.

However, this is only one method of acquiring new sundew plants. Stay tuned in the months to come where we will be conducting a small experiment on sundew propagation!