Thank you, Chris!

AquaGrow Farms started as a mere idea to get more fresh food to our community in need. Today, the farm has been host to hundreds of unique visitors, distributed thousands of servings of greens and fish, and the recipient of multiple provincial and national awards. None of this would have been possible without the innovative mindset of Chris Hatch.

As the Executive Director of The Mississauga Food Bank, Chris was instrumental in improving the way food in Mississauga is sourced, managed, and distributed. Despite considerable skepticism, Chris continued to research and educate himself further to solidify confidence in aquaponics as a means to fight hunger in Mississauga.  Chris never shied away from getting hands-on at key moments of the farm’s short history and has been sighted weighing fish, harvesting/transporting fish for processing, and was actively involved in the initial construction process.

From the humble beginnings of our farm to his last harvest of lettuce with us (pictured), we thank Chris for truly being a champion for change in our community. We wish him all the best as the new CEO of Food Banks Canada!