What is Biosecurity?

Biosecurity is all about keeping our farm free from pests and pathogens to guarantee our produce is safe to eat. Every day, we welcome visitors from all walks of life and want to ensure nothing harmful is being brought into our farm. The main pathogens we control for include bacteria like E. Coli and Salmonella, which can cause serious illness if consumed.

So What Do We Do?

Before anyone steps into our farm, they first have to cross a foot bath with disinfecting liquid and wash their hands with hand sanitizer. This is often enough to curb the introduction of pathogens into our farm environment, but we also ensure that all surfaces and tools are disinfected prior to harvesting as well as making sure volunteers wear food safe hair nets and gloves.

There’s also the risk of pests destroying our greens, so we try and minimize this by opting for fast-growing crops (e.g., lettuce and bok choy), keeping doors leading to the outdoors closed, and employing integrated pest management techniques like applying nematodes that eat harmful gnats.

All of the above contributes to our ability to provide food bank clients with the freshest and healthiest vegetables possible!